5 Reasons Your Trademark Registration Will Be Rejected in United States

Who wants to go to the expense and time to file for a federal trademark registration for a new brand name and then get totally shot down, rejected? Many first time business owners use filing services such as Legal Zoom.

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The SIC and INDECOPI join the European Union Intellectual Property Office’s TMclass

The database contains information of over 60 Intellectual Property offices and allows quick and easy sorting of products and services for the issuing of Distinctive Sign applications. Users can easily identify over 70,000 terms and expressions for various products and services.

2019-03-14T17:51:05-05:00April 29th, 2016|

How to respond an International Trademark Registration Refusal in Brazil, Mexico or Colombia?

Under the Madrid Protocol, filing for an international trademark application is made a piece of cake.  A single application can be filed for two or more countries if members of the Madrid Protocol.

2021-02-10T14:44:32-05:00February 3rd, 2016|

Trademarks in the IP chapter of the TPP: Yes or No?

Recently, the US, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia and New Zeeland have reached an agreement of what could be the biggest Free Trade Agreement in the history of the World: the Trans-Pacific Partnership (“TPP”). 

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