First of all, we would like to thank all of our colleagues who visit us in our booth this year, all the great people that we met at INTA and of course our Associates.

We are happy to announce that INTA was a fruitful conference and that we accomplish our goals. We were able to meet with people from Belize, Saudi Arabia, India, Asia, Africa, United States, Europe and even with our Latin America Colleagues.

This year INTA had more than 10,000 trademark practitioners, and we are glad we were part of that number. INTA 2016 provided multiple activities regarding Intellectual Property: Professional debates, educational sessions, forums, recreational activities through Orlando and table topics, in which our CEO & Founder, Alvaro Ramirez participated in one about Patent Trolls. 

We were able to confirm that our legal services are attracted and we will keep on working to always provide the best customer service and professional advising regarding Intellectual Property matters in the 18 countries of Latin America that we manage.

Here are some memories of our time at INTA with great people: