The Number of Women Inventors has Increased Globally

The number of women who are actively patenting their inventions has increase over the last 20 years, according to a new study made by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). This analysis shows that 29% of the international patent applications included at least one women inventor. 

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Mexico increases the number of Patent and Trademark Applications in 2016

The number of patents and trademarks registered in Mexico have increase According to the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) the country reached the highest level in patent applications for inventions and trademarks.

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5 Reasons Your Trademark Registration Will Be Rejected in United States

Who wants to go to the expense and time to file for a federal trademark registration for a new brand name and then get totally shot down, rejected? Many first time business owners use filing services such as Legal Zoom.

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Entidades en Colombia Ofrecen Asesoramiento y Financiación a Inventores

En Colombia y en Medellín queda mucho por hacer en tema de patentes, por tal razón Ruta N acaba de lanzar una convocatoria al público. Se pueden patentar inventos, es decir soluciones novedosas e inventivas a problemas técnicos.

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New Domain Extensions: Benefits and Opportunities for Businesses in Latin America

In order to avoid online brand piracy, brand owners should simply secure Internet addresses with their brand name before others do. This might sound expensive, but it’s not. 

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Important Facts of Franchise and Licensing Agreements in Latin America

A franchise agreement may involve an international relation; in others words, two or even three parts with different nationalities, and generally the agreement must be governed by the laws of each country in which the business will be settled.

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