The number of women who are actively patenting their inventions has increase over the last 20 years, according to a new study made by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Women has filed patent applications in different industries such as pharmaceutical and academic procedures in institutions.

WIPO’s new analysis shows that 29% of the international patent applications through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) in 2015, included at least one women inventor compared with 17% in 1995. This treaty, has 151 contracting states across the globe, facilitating inventors to protect their creation in more than one country with priority claims.

¨These new, global data give us a baseline for understanding the role of gender in the filing of international patent applications, which is one metric used in measuring a country’s innovative capacity,” said Francis Gurry WIPO Director

Countries where most Women file for Patents

One of the countries where women file more patent and are equally to the female applications is The Republic of Korea with 50% and China with 49%, these two countries have the highest gender equality in international patenting via the PCT treaty, followed by Poland 40%, Spain 35% and Singapore 34%.

In Latin America is a region whose potential for innovation is increasing, the top countries with more filings are Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, thanks to their outstanding economies.

Popular Industries among Patents

When you create an invention is good for you to identify the industry that your product or service identifies. Remember that the patent must be written, explained and submitted to the Patent Office of the country where you want to protect your invention.

The fields where women participated more are biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, organic fine chemistry, and food chemistry. Almost half, of international patent applications filed by academic institutions showed at least one woman as inventor, compared with 28% for companies, according to the study of the WIPO.

This study has shown that innovation has grown among women around the world and we hope that this number keeps increasing. If we keep on developing our creativity and mixed up with innovation, we will be able to solve various issues that we have globally.  

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