On November 12 of 2018, the Venezuelan Patent and Trademark Office (SAPI) issued an Extraordinary Bulletin No. 588, which entered into force on November 14, 2018.

This Bulletin contains 21 administrative decisions, through which interested parties are asked to ratify their legal / administrative interest in applications for trademarks and patents in process.

According to the SAPI, there is approximately 20,000 cases that have been published for this end of year, and they stablished a deadline of two months to ratify those applications. Therefore, the deadline is: January 14 of 2019.

If the legal/administrative documents for the retification are not presented, the SAPI will understand that there is no longer any interest in maintaining the procedures and will consider them as abandoned.

In case you have any trademark or patent application in Venezuela and you are willing to ratify your interest on this matter, contact us as soon as possible to achieve the deadlines without inconveniences.

Source: sapi.gob.ve