We proudly celebrate that BR Latin America IP LLC has been chosen as an ally to be part of the Banco de Redactores de Patentes de Colciencias, entity that depends on the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia and leads the National System of Science, Technology and Innovation.

In order to be part of the Banco de Redactores de Patentes, our Legal Department presented a proposal in which it fulfilled certain mandatory requirements by Colciencias and proved that our firm specializes in providing services of enlistment, patent drafting and processing patent applications.

We are happy to be part of the Banco de Redactores de Patentes, since it was created with the aim of promoting the patent registrations in Colombia to help inventors protect their inventions. It’s extremely important that entrepreneurs, SMEs, and big companies have into account that innovation is a key factor to sustain the productivity growth in a country in order to offer consumers betters products and services in terms of quality, optimization and prices.

Clearly this type of aid guides citizens to take care of their inventions in a safe and legal way, since through a patent they will obtain the right to exclusive use of their invention (product or technology) for 20 years.

Furthermore, in case the inventor wants to commercially exploit its product or technology, it can do so directly or through third parties granting licenses, or transferring the rights obtained through its sale so that a third party exploits the invention.

For more information on patent registration in Colombia contact us at: info@brlatina.com