Trademark a hashtag? Yes, it is possible. Is your brand @Twitter or @Facebook? Do you have a slogan or brand name being used as #hashtag? Then it may be time consider how to trademark a hashtag. The trademark world is @twitter about registering hashtags as federal trademarks. For some brands it makes a lot of sense.

Long ago and far away, in the pre-Twitter days, what did the word “hashtag” mean anyway? It was slang for the “pound” or “number” sign on the typewriter. Thanks to social media, and specifically Twitter, there’s an entirely new meaning, one found in trademark regulations Examiners use to review an application.

“A “hashtag” is a form of metadata comprised of a word or phrase prefixed with the symbol “#” (Hashtags are often used in social-networking sites to identify or facilitate a search for a keyword or topic of interest.”—, search of //

At last count, there were over 950 pending applications for trademarks for #hashtags.  Some will become registered trademarks, others won’t.

Let’s review how to trademark a hashtag

Should you seek to trademark a hashtag, and what does it take to successfully register? Here’s what you need to know to successfully register a #hashtag as a federal trademark…

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Article written by: Brandaide