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Trademark Information

Do you need to file a new application, renew or modify your trademarks in different Latin American countries? Dealing just with our firm is more cost-effective. Choose one of the countries on the left and get specific information.

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Patent Information

Filing and prosecuting PCT and National Patent Applications in different jurisdictions is a huge work that clients don’t see. We can take care of it for you. Click on one of the countries on the left to learn more.

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Design Information

New industrial designs also need to be protected. Copyright protection is not always available. Let us help you with your needs in Latin America. Choose one of the countries on the left to know more.

One Region, One Firm

B&R Latina is an intellectual property legal services company with more than 10 years experience supporting its international clients in protecting their patents and trademarks in Latin America. We have a strong local network and the latest technology platforms to make it simple, professional and reliable.


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