If you are planning to file a trademark in more than one country in Latin America, you need to fulfill the Power of Attorney (POA) requirement; therefore, you have two options to do this process. There is a long way, that may cost you more time and money, and there is an easier way, both available with B&R Latin America.

The long way is doing it by yourself. We will send individual POAs for each country where you wish to file your application. For each single country where you want to protect your trademark you will have to comply with specific local regulations.

In some cases, you or the legal representative of the company will need to notarize the documents and get an apostille.  For other countries, you will need to legalize the documents before a consulate and sometimes they are not near. Once you have the documents you will need to send them to our local associate firm.

Unfortunately, dealing with these time consuming formalities is a requirement we need to comply with for a successful application.

But do we have make it this complicated?

B&R Latin America has a great, optimized and efficient solution for you. We will do everything for you!

The only procedure that you will have to do is to complete one Power Of Attorney. We will complete all other formalities and will grant power to our associates in each country. By choosing this service, we will save you time and money; this service includes all legalizations, notarizations and courier-related costs. No red-tape for you.

If you are interested in this new service that BR Latin America offers you, get in touch with us and find out more about this great deal we have to offer. Our clients are our priority, giving you an efficient service is our main goal.


Contact us at info@brlatina.com