The Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC) in Colombia granted a new patent to the Universidad Nacional and C.I Tecnacol S.A. for a spray dried of uchuva that could be dispersed into water easily and does not need any humectants, which prevents hypersensitivity or kidney diseases.

The Universidad Nacional it’s a well known academic institute thanks to their technological, scientific and social developments. Is one of the universities that files continuously patent applications, and in this case with an ally with good reputation on the food industry, C.I Tecnacol S.A. This company works with fruits and vegetables, transforming them into spray dried, freeze dried, dehydrated, and turbidity agents.

The patent that was granted to this university and company is a powered that preserves the flavor and scent of the fruit uchuva, and when is mixed with water it could be transform to juices, nectars, soda, purees, and ice creams, among others.

According to the press release of the SIC, the process that was use to create the spray dried of uchuva it’s important for the food industry since the composition of the invention can be used in the food industry to prepare dairy products, dressings, desserts, juices, nectars, soft drinks, purees, ice creams, among others, and the ingredients are kept in a stable and healthy form.

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