On January 6 of 2017, an agreement was signed for the entry of an Accelerated Patent Procedure (PPH) pilot program between the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO) and the National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) in Chile. 

This agreement allows the applicants who have obtained a favorable statement of patentability from INAPI as an Office of Previous Review (OAS) to benefit from the work done in Chile and request that it be taken into account by the CIPO as the Office of the Subsequent Examination (EPO). 

The Accelerated Patent Procedure (PPH) speeds up the examination process for corresponding applications filed in participating intellectual property offices. The participating patent offices have agreed under the PPH, that when an applicant receives a final ruling from a first patent office that at least one claim is allowed, the applicant may request fast track examination of corresponding claim(s) in a corresponding patent application that is pending in a second patent office. 

Besides the fast track examination advantage, this procedure reduces the related costs, avoiding double efforts in searches, administrative actions and studies in parallel by each office. The implementation will be carried out in accordance with the guidelines prepared by both offices that establish the requirements, conditions and procedures to participate in the PPH pilot program, which will be tested for a period of three years. After these period of time the results will be evaluated along with the demand of the procedure in order to implemented definitively. 

INAPI seeks to promote the use of the IP system as a strategic tool to promote innovation, competitiveness and entrepreneurship, between the inventors, scientific community, companies, and universities of the region.

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Read more about the guidelines: //www.inapi.cl/portal/publicaciones/608/w3-article-10047.html