Our IP lawyers handle more than 18 countries in Latin America, register your trademark!

Our IP lawyers handle more than 18 countries in Latin America, register your trademark!

The filing of a trademark application in Chile has never been easier, you can now do it Online or contact our Customer Service at info@brlatina.com for detail information and legal advising. The only document that we need in order to proceed is a Power of Attorney (POA), that will be sent as soon as you do the payment online or contact us through our email adress written above. 

It is important to mention if the trademark you are going to register has a any priority or if you wish to apply for more than one class.

It is recommendable to do a search first, in some cases the trademark is already registered or there’s one with similar characteristics. Therefore, the search will help us provide an accurate answer of the probabilities of rejection, and if that is the case our lawyers will advise you and provide an efficient solution to have a positive result on the process. 

There are five types of application forms:

– For goods services

– Commercial establishment/industrial establishment

– Slogans

– Geographical indication

– Appellation of origin

*In case of a figurative or word + design trademark, it is necessary to submit an image with high resolution. 

These are the Stages of a Trademark Application in Chile: 

What does our Application Fee includes? 

Our filling application fee includes the presentation of the application, the publication and the digital certificate of the granting, also our lawyers will be aware of any novelties on the process and will inform the client. 

In case the trademark receives an opposition our lawyers will inform, advise and take care of your trademark in order to keep the granting status before the official office. 

So, if you are looking for a lawyer to handle your IP matters contact us and we will be more than glad to assist and advise in the whole process. Remember that your trademark is the most valuable asset of your company. 

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