Our law firm has been on the market for more than 15 years and our main value is to provide the best customer service and to make it simpler for our clients.

Legal procedures sometimes can be complicated and difficult for our clients, but we have been focusing every year in transforming those procedures in simple steps so that our clients could step back and relax.

A good and fruitful way to know that we are doing well our job is to see how the list of the awards that we win per year has been increasing. Last year (2016) we received 21 awards from different companies and nominations, and not only for one country but for different countries where we provide Intellectual Property services.

This were the words of one of the Awards Coordinator for the Wealth & Finance magazine in United Kingdom, Laura Hunter, “The financial sector is crucial to health of the global business market, and as such it is a real pleasure to be able to showcase some of the very best talent from across the market. I would like to wish every one of my deserving winners the very best of fortunes going forward.”

These are the awards that we received on 2016: 

We thank our clients for trusting us and for letting us handle their Intellectual Property and financial matters, for us is an honor to help our community and make their life simpler.