Splenda owner sues Dunkin’ Donuts over a Trademark infringement 

A new trademark battle between two big companies has start, Heartland Consumer Products, which acquired the sweetener Splenda brand last year from Johnson & Johnson accused and sued Dunkin’ Donuts for using yellow packages for their new sweeteners.

This two companies used to work together, but in April of 2016 Dunkin Donuts decided to end their business relationship, according to the complaint filed in the federal court Dunkin’ decide to use a “Chinese-made, off-brand sucralose” for their sweeteners and use a package similar to the one that Heartland uses for Splenda.

Heartland is claiming that by using a similar package Dunkin is misleading customers into believing that its sweetener is the same product that Splenda provides and that they’re getting the American-made Splenda instead of a Chinese product. Additionally, the company claims Dunkin’ employees tell customers that Dunkin’ uses Splenda products.

On the other side Dunkin’ has another version, since their new packaging indicates that it is manufactured for Dunkin’ by Chicago-based Merisant. 

The demanding company is asking for a compensation for the trademark infringement and unfair competition. This case is still on track and the court is still studying the statements of each company.