The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has developed an artificial intelligence platform that could be used as a based translation tool for patent documents, providing inventors a quality service and a solution in case they need a basic translator.

This is a new way to access information on new technologies and platforms, designed to make the life of users simpler. 

According to The WIPO Translate, this platform incorporates a new high technology system that uses cutting-edge neural machine to translated and render highly technical patent documents. The first languages that were incorporated to the new technology were English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. 

The General Director of the WIPO, Francis Gurry said that one of the aims of the patent system is to make technology available for their users and that in most of the cases language is a barrier to the universal achievement of that aim. 

“As part of a global trend, patent applications are increasingly being filed in East Asian languages, particularly in Chinese, and WIPO Translate helps ensure that state-of-the-art knowledge created in these languages is shared as widely and rapidly as possible.”

— Francis Gurry, WIPO

WIPO plans to extend the neural machine translation service to French-language patent applications, with other languages to follow. 

What is Neural Machine translation? 

Neural machine translation is a technology based on neural network models that “learn” from previously translated sentences. This new system has the capacity to produce more natural words and place them in order. 

Improvement of technology on Intellectual Property fields

This semester WIPO and other Intellectual property (IP) organizations from around the world have impressed us and by giving us access to certain technology that allows users, lawyers, inventors, and others to learn about IP and make their procedures easier, without wasting time. 

In others words they are optimizing the processes, doing things simpler something that in B&R Latin America IP LLC we like to do.