The National Direction of Intellectual Property (DINAPI) of Paraguay has issued a new circular No. 07/2015 to restructure the process of payment of fees for Trademarks renewals and the improvement of their legal services.

The new circular No. 07/2015 establishes that the official fees for renewal applications must be paid from the time of the renewal application filling until the expiration date of the Trademark, if the renewal application is filed on day after its expiration date a penalty for late submission will be assigned.

This means that the rate of 10 minimum wages must be paid before the expiration of the Trademark. People who are interested in performing this procedure in Paraguay must be very attentive to the presentations due dates to avoid a fine.

Therefore, we recommend to send renewal instructions for trademarks within in 5 business days in advance, and if there are more than 3 renewals to file, to send at least in 10 business days in advance to pay without any additional costs.