Alvaro Ramirez, President of B&R Latin America IP LLC, is developing a new digital platform, called Kill The Patent Troll. The main purpose of this new platform is to help small, medium and big companies when they have a legal issue with a Patent Troll (PT).

Kill The Patent Troll is participating in a current campaign that has raised almost $12,000 in 15 days in Kickstarter, this type of campaigns have a 30-day funding deadline to achieve their goal, in this case the goal for Kill The Patent Troll is $50,000!

This campaign has already reached the attention of social media and some of the law firms that manages patents, thanks to their creative way to handle a problematic that has been around in the United States, Russia and know it’s reaching Europe in the last couple of years.

Joe Borstein from Above The Law mention Kill The Patent Troll as an innovative and creative campaign, ¨Alvaro Ramirez Bonilla connects victims, defendants, information and counsel. The campaign name also sounds like a sweet video game. This strikes me as a useful grassroots alternative to class action litigation. Been whacked by a troll? Whack back with Kill the Patent Troll! ™ OK, that’s not their actual pitch, but this campaign gets my vote because it uses social media and gameification to solve a collective action problem¨.

Fox News from Carolina also published an article mentioning this campaign, ¨Kill the Patent Troll Builds a Community of Victims and Patent Attorneys to Fight Frivolous Patent Lawsuits¨.

Kill The Patent Troll is not only a creative way to fight back Patent Trolls, it’s also a great opportunity to bring people together and let their knowledge help those who need it. Attorneys could find in this digital platform another place to legally win cases by creating missions and having rewards for their creative work.

At this moment Kill The Patent Troll already has the game design, they already have some of the front development and the image of the product, the trademark is already secured and the patent application is pending. The money they are raising will be used to develop the Minimum Viable Product (MVP), if they reach their goal this new digital platform will be on-line by the end of September 2015.

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