International Trademark Association Annual Meeting 2016

International Trademark Association Annual Meeting 2016

BR Latin America, would like to announce the participation of our Chairman, Alvaro Ramirez, Bonilla, as a moderator for a Table Topic at INTA’s 2016 Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

For those who doesn’t know what INTA is, well it is an International Trademark Association that it is celebrate annually. It is a global association for trademark owners and professionals dedicate to protect and support the intellectual property industry, as well as their clients.

Therefore, Alvaro Ramirez has been invite to participate, thanks to his big dedication and great work on the Intellectual Property Industry, he was selected to moderate in a table topic ¨Dealing with IP Trolls¨, which will take place May 22, 2016 at 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm at INTA.

Alvaro Ramirez, has a great knowledge on litigations with patent trolls and he even has a project to fight them back and protect their victims. He will be guiding a fundamental conversation with ten other people to talk about the importance of dealing with IP Trolls.

We hope you can assist and find out more about the problematics that a troll could bring to our community and business industry.