Alvaro Ramirez Founder and CEO at Diario La Republica

Alvaro Ramirez Founder and CEO at Diario La Republica

Our Chairman, Álvaro Ramirez Bonilla, participated in an interview with Diario La República, a recognized newspaper from Colombia and other countries in Latin America. The main topics that this newspaper handles are business infrastructures, intellectual property cases, political opinions, local and global economy and even the fashion industry.

Since, Alvaro Ramirez Bonilla, is the Chairman of two companies of Intellectual Property in Colombia; BR Latin America IP LLC and Bonila Marcas, they were interested in the way our Chairman manages this two legal firms and in the services that they provide to their international and regional clients.

BR Latin America and bonila Marcas, are two companies identified by its technological breakthrough in the legal services that they offer to more than 2,000 international customers in aspects of Intellectual Property.

The interview is focused on the competitive and efficient achievement of these two legal firms, along with the strategies that has been implemented in our business, making it possible to achieve a growth of 200% in 2013 and 30% in 2014.

Some of the question made in the interview were; How was the infrastructures of BR Latin America? , What are the advantages of working with higher technology? , How many clients do we have? , and others.

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