Responding a provisional trademark refusal in Mexico, Brazil or Colombia

You have recently received a notice of provisional refusal for your international trademark application in Colombia and Mexico; this is a good place to start.

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When you are protecting your trademark internationally, one of the best options is to utilize the Madrid Protocol mechanism.  This procedure reduces the complexity and costs of filing an application country by country.   In Latin America, only Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, and Mexico are members of the Madrid Protocol for international trademark applications.   For the other countries in Latam, you have to file a national application to get trademark rights.

During the registration procedure, each national trademark office can refuse the trademark.  This is one of the common obstacles international applicants face.  Just in 2018 Mexico refused over 6280 trademark applications and Colombia refused 1506.  Applicants from United States and China were the most affected.

When you receive a Notice of provisional refusal of your international trademark application, you have a month and 10 days to reply.  If you do not respond, the application will be automatically refused.  Later, if you want to get a trademark in Colombia or Mexico, you will have to file a new national application and start the procedure all over again.

This reply must be filed by a local authorized attorney licensed to practice before the Mexican, Brazilian, or Colombian trademark offices.  This is when we come to help you overcome the refusal.

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To start the procedure, we need:

  1. The international application number
  2. A Power of Attorney, fill this form, and we will send you the POA for your online signature.
  3. Online payment (click below)


Our flat fee includes preparing, filing the response, official and professional fees. They are no other hidden fees except If evidence needs to be translated.

This fee will increase as the deadline approaches.  You have about six weeks to file the response from notice. The best option we recommend is to instruct us and pay more than three weeks in advance.  This way, you get the best price, but we also have time to prepare the best possible answer.

If you do not want to pay online, you can contact us, and we will issue an invoice that you can pay by US Check, ACH, US wire, Zelle, Iban wire in Euros, or British Pounds UK transfer.

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