Juan Guillermo VANEGAS


Law student at the Libre University of Colombia. He is a proactive person, which finds solutions to the questions of the diary work. He is characterized by being a responsible person and of rapid learning in the office, study and his personal life.

Juan Guillermo worked for five years in many legal areas and offices, earning great experience in civil law, constitutional law, and punitive law and recently in Intellectual Property, in this matter Juan has a great fascination for trademarks.

He wishes to specialize in Munich, Germany or in a Europe University, because he believes that this part of world he will find a quality education and he also loves its culture. Juan likes to read several books and his dairy newspaper, so he can be well informed on various themes such as political, economy and the others that complements his knowledge in laws and rights.

He also has academic experience, in classrooms and online courses. At the moment, Juan is doing a course of Advanced English, German and some of French, because he considers that knowing other languages is important to get to know other cultures by talking with them. Knowing various languages will let him expand his knowledge and may be more likely to enter the business world, having contacts and personal relationships on several sides of the world.

Juan Guillermo is a responsible, honest and humble person, he is always at the disposal of people and helping others. He has a passion for his work and for his career, always looking forward to learn and keep on growing as a profesional.

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