Linda Gomez is our Digital Communication Leader for the Communications department. She was one of B&R’s practitioners to fulfil the graduation requirements in her University, after working with us for 11 months, she was officially hired.  Linda is a quick learner, she loves what she does and her job, in all her tasks she tries to do the best.

Her education started in New York in United States where she did her elementary school and then she travelled to Colombia to finish her education. When she arrived to Colombia she past the admission test of the Rochester School, a bilingual school where she was going to be able to continue learning english and put it in practice.

Linda knew since fifth grade that she wanted to study something related to communication, having people inform, a field where she could tell stories or news. Been able to communicate and helping others is something that she loves.

¨Hearing and understanding others is the door to empathy and human understanding¨

She graduated from Social Communication and Journalism from the Politécnico Grancolombiano University in Colombia. She has always participated in academic projects regarding her program; such as the radio station and Tv News program called PoliNews of the University, which she was on charge with her co-workers in creating it from scratch. She also participated in the creation of a digital newspaper called ¨Papiro Digital¨, she was in charge in the design of the page, managing social media and creating content for the page.

Linda has always had a thing for work, when she was underage and couldn’t find a legal job, she helped her mom with the family business on vacations. Once she turned 18, she started working at a Call Center at the same time as she continued with her studies, than she work as an english tutor.

The University allowed Linda to start her internship earlier, normally students fulfill this requirement in 8th semester for six months, but she wanted to do it for one year , she thinks that six months is not enough to get to know the company and to learn new procedures. Therefore, Linda applied to do her internship in B&R Latin America. After doing all the process she was selected to be our practitioner in the Communication department as our Community Manager.

In her internship she learned to manage digital tools to do all the social media and communications tasks, but she also learned about Intellectual Property. It was something new for her, she didn’t knew anything about trademarks, patents, industrial designs etc., and to learn all the procedures and to find a way to communicate them to the clients was a challenge for her. Successfully, with time she learned and keeps on learning new stuff everyday. 

“We provide a service of great impact in a short, medium and especially long term. It’s clear to me that our main principles is the customer service, the technology and knowledge in what we do. Therefore our great challenge and daily work is to keep on being the number one legal services firm in the management of portfolios of intellectual property in Latin America”

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