Erika Baquero has a Technical degree on Documentation and Accounting Records. She has experience in processes of classification,  and management of information systems.  

She has ability and skill in the handling of applications for systems such as accounting programs and technology platforms. She has experience in customer service and a facility to express and communicate with customer, always handling the proper time in order to be efficent.

She has the ability to remain effective within a changing environment as well as when she faced with new tasks and personal challenges, learning, planning, organization, responsibility and commitment.

Erika has the attitude of service always willing to help others, has great skills in administrative accounting processes and handling of customers, allowing customers and her co-workers to perform in a more effective way and pro active within the company.

She is always seeking in learning more and more. Therefore she carried out a training for management and operation programs of CRM in Miami, allowing her to have a better performance in this type of platforms.