BR Latin American IP LLC

BR Latin American IP LLC is a commercial entity of the United States of America. It is dedicated to the practice of intellectual property in 18 countries of Latin America through a company in Colombia and a partner network for the rest of the countries.

BR Latin American IP LLC is the operator of the website and its subdomains and of
In order for us to process your orders or estimates, we need you to provide us with some personal information.
The information requested is used to feed our client database; send estimates, invoices, marketing and sales campaigns; among other purposes.
The objective of the data collected by the company is to start, maintain and facilitate commercial relations between the company and its actual or potential clients.

1. Definitions

The company: BR Latin American IP LLC.
Information owner: The person who provides the information to the company.
Client database: The database where the company enters the information provided by actual or potential clients.

2. Authorizations

By accepting our privacy policy:

1.1 You authorize us to store your personal information in our client database and to share it with third parties under the terms established in this document.
1.2 The company may send you promotional emails, estimates, invoices, marketing-related emails and others it considers part of the ordinary course of business.
1.3 Your information may be shared with third party countries around the world regardless of the level of security of their data protection standards.
1.4 You authorize the company to announce you as its client and, for that purpose, use your logos exclusively for this announcement unless expressly prohibited, in which case the company will refrain from using your name or trademark.

3. Veracity

The information provided to the company must be true, complete, accurate, verifiable and updated.
By accepting our privacy policy, you guarantee the authenticity of all the information provided.

4. How we use the information we collect

1. For the ordinary course of our business.
2. For marketing and sales purposes.
3. In relations with our associates and contractors.
4. Our main purpose in collecting your data is to include it in our customer base, send you previously requested estimates, invoices, advertising and promotions of our firm and, in general, to establish a commercial relationship with you.
5. We send estimates, confirmation emails, promotional emails, notifications, case follow-up, billing, and collection.
6. The information provided through the website and the application is not generally shared with third parties, with the following exceptions:
6.1. Associates and external lawyers
6.2. Contractors, subcontractors and external companies that provide their services to BR Latin American IP LLC
6.3. If requested by judicial or administrative authorities.
6.4. Should the company deem it necessary to provide you with a better service or, in general, to fulfill its obligations.

5. Security

All data entering and leaving the website and are encrypted for protection.

6. Confidentiality clause

The commercial relationships between the client and the company, as well as the sent documents and information directly related to their trademarks and patents, is confidential and only shared with the company’s members, translators, and associate attorneys.

7. What are your rights

1. You have the right to know of, update and rectify any information provided to the company.
2. You have access, upon request to, to the information you provided to the company.
3. You have the right to be informed about the use of your data, upon request to
4. If you want to stop receiving our emails, please contact our sales department at and within 30 days you will be removed from our client database.

8. Claims and complaints

The information owner can submit claims and complaints by sending an email to and, within 30 days of the request, will receive a response.

9. Regulations

Our privacy policy is governed by the Florida Information Protection Act of 2014 (FIPA).