Trademark Services in Brazil


Trademark Services in Brazil

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Trademark procedures has never been easier.  A stronger US Dollar means a cheaper Brazilian Real.  Our online prices reflect the devaluation of Brazilian currency.

Our price includes both professional and legal fees for filing an application, publication and a digital certificate.

In order to get this price you need to complete all the procedure online as per our instructions.


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In order to file your new application please: 

1.      Make your full payment online

2.      Complete this form with all the information related with your new trademark.

3.      Sign and send a digital copy of our Power of Attorney. (Once you have completed points 1 and 2 we will send you a ready to sign form).

There are five types of application forms:  

- For goods services

- Commercial establishment/industrial establishment

- Slogans

- Geographical indication

- Appellation of origin

*In case of a figurative or word + design trademark, it is necessary to submit an image with high resolution. 

These are the type of Trademarks:

type of trademarks in Brazil

Our information: 

After we have all your information it will take about 3 working days to file the new application.  

We will keep you informed about the procedure.  If everything runs smoothly you will have your trademark granted 6 to 8 months later.

You can always keep track of your application in our self service portal at

For support please visit our help center where you will find more general information about trademarks

These are the Stages of a Trademark Application in Brazil: 

trademark in Brazil

Trademark Services in Brazil - Fast, Professional, Cost-effective

Why Should You Register Right Now?

Whether you are a writer having his/her own masterpiece or creator of some exclusive clothing line living in Brazil - you should consider registering it as a Brazil's trademark, just the way it is done in any other country in the world. Of course, you can run your business without it. However, what actual prospects can you expect for your brand or service in the future? Do not keep this matter on hold until some unfair competitors or even vile scammers take your brand name or idea to make their own use of your success.

B&R Latin America provides a full scope of professional services on trademark registration in Brazil, as well as in 18 other countries around the world.

Register your trademark right now, and obtain the exclusive rights to ownership and disposal, including the transfer option available at the same time!

Are You Looking for the Best Service? You Have Already Come to the Right Place!

Here we are with:

  • Over 15 years of experience in the industry
  • No limitations in focusing on peculiar countries, achieving actual results, or providing our services across the region
  • Full package of trademarks and relevant services, supported by professional team of specialists for obtaining patents
  • Truly convincing results of our work: 125 000 filed trademarks (2010 WIPO) and many awards such as “CorporateINTL 2016”, “Wealth & Finance 2016”, “Best IP Asset Valuation Specialists 2016”, “International Advisory Experts Awards 2017” and others
  • Many companies of the largest capacity as our loyal customers
  • Our professional staff dealing with the most experienced local lawyers and attorneys, fully aware in every letter of the law
  • Unique operational network offering you only the most competitive prices, actually much lower against the market average. You can easily check it straight away!

We Want to Keep You Calm and Your Wallet Safe

The company guarantees to take care of all bureaucratic issues related to registration while you are free to proceed with your business. Everything you need is to submit the application. Our professionals will inform you on every stage of the procedure. As a result, you will receive a certificate for your trademark valid up to 10 years since the date of registration. It can also be reviewed every decade as well. There is a grace period of 6 months after the expiration date when you can apply for the renewal of tour certificate.

Please note:
  • the Brazilian Trademark Office releases digital certificates solely
  • any valid trademark may be revoked, given that it has been out of use for 5 years
  • opposition term is set within 60 days since the date of official release

Within our pricing policy, we consider a current crisis of economy, particularly falling exchange rate for BRL, due to the stronger dollar.

Get the most attractive tariffs for registering a trademark in Brazil with B&R Latin America!

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