Trademark Services in Argentina


Trademark Services in Argentina

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Trademark procedures has never been easier. A stronger US Dollar means a cheaper Argentine pesos.  Our online prices reflect the devaluation of Argentine currency.

Our price includes both professional and legal fees for filing an application, publication and a digital certificate.

In order to get this price you need to complete all the procedure online as per our instructions.

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In order to file your new application please: 

1.      Make your full payment online

2.      Complete this form with all the information related with your new trademark.

3.      Sign and send a digital copy of our Power of Attorney. (Once you have completed points 1 and 2 we will send you a ready to sign form).

There are five types of application forms:  

- For goods services

- Commercial establishment/industrial establishment

- Slogans

- Geographical indication

- Appellation of origin

*In case of a figurative or word + design trademark, it is necessary to submit an image with high resolution. 

These are the type of Trademarks:

type of trademarks

Our information: 

After we have all your information it will take about 3 working days to file the new application.  

We will keep you informed about the procedure.  If everything runs smoothly you will have your trademark granted 6 to 8 months later.

You can always keep track of your application in our self service portal at

For support please visit our help center where you will find more general information about trademarks

These are the Stages of a Trademark Application in Argentina: 

trademark process in argentina

Trademark Registration in Argentina: Simple and Rapid

It is clear that laws on trademark issues can differ between various Latin American countries. A lot of routine paperwork along with subtle nuances of the regulation procedures may turn into a real pain in the neck when filing a particular trademark in Argentina. This is when B&R Latin America services may come in useful.

As a reliable company, we undertake to defend your intellectual property rights by offering a wide array of related benefits. Highly trained and dedicated team, the wealth of experience in working with international businesses and flexibility due to the direct relations with other experts in the field are those points which make us stand out.

Startling Recognition Implies Success

The future of business in Argentina is auspicious. Evidently, the region has got both limitless economic potential and excellent investment conditions. In view of this, the identification mark can become an invaluable marketing tool by making the products or services of your company distinguishable from those of your competitors. It proves the item’s uniqueness, quality, and origin. As a result, it allows building the long-term credibility with your customers.

Special Aspects of Argentina Trademarks Registration

  • Unlike some other countries, the trademark system in Argentina belongs to a single-class one. This means that it is necessary to file a separate application for each particular group of products.
  • Local authorities require notarized and apostilled POA.
  • Geographical limitation. All trademarks registered in Argentina are valid only within the country.
  • Trademark’s duration is 10 years from the registration date. However, you can always renew it.
  • In case of late renewal of the trademark, the grace period is not provided.

Finally, it is essential to pay heed to the non-registrable commercial marks and make sure that there are no similarities to already existing ones in the Argentina trademark register. Bear in mind that the examination of potential look-alikes may prevent unnecessary legal complications.

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