Trademark services in Colombia


Trademark services in Colombia

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Trademark procedures have never been easier.  A stronger US Dollar means a cheaper Colombian pesos.  Our online prices reflect the devaluation of Colombian currency.

Our price includes both professional and legal fees for filing an application, publication and a digital certificate.

In order to get this price you need to complete all the procedure online as per our instructions.


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In order to file your new application please: 

1.      Make your full payment online

2.      Complete this form with all the information related with your new trademark.

3.      Sign and send a digital copy of our Power of Attorney. (Once you have completed points 1 and 2 we will send you a ready to sign form).

There are five types of application forms:  

- For goods services

- Commercial establishment/industrial establishment

- Slogans

- Geographical indication

- Appellation of origin

*In case of a figurative or word + design trademark, it is necessary to submit an image with high resolution. 

These are the type of Trademarks:

type of trademarks in Colombia

Our information: 

After we have all your information it will take about 3 working days to file the new application.  

We will keep you informed about the procedure.  If everything runs smoothly you will have your trademark granted 6 to 8 months later.

You can always keep track of your application in our self service portal at

For support please visit our help center where you will find more general information about trademarks

These are the Stages of a Trademark Application in Colombia: 

trademark in colombia

Colombia Trademark Solutions: Tailored to Protect Your Ideas

When it comes to innovative business ideas, intellectual property protection should always be a primary concern. Once you’ve developed a new product or generated a new business idea, protect it on a legal level. Registering a trademark is an ideal option for individuals, who want to protect a name, slogan, design or symbol that identifies their business or brand. In case you want to obtain a trademark registration in Colombia, look no further than our company. We’ll walk you through the whole process of trademark registration, making the entire procedure as fast and straightforward, as possible.

Trademark Registration in Colombia: as Simple as 1-2-3

B&R Latin America IP LLC provides the most comprehensive suite of trademark services in Colombia. The process of trademark registration in the country consists of 6 major stages: trademark search, application filing, initial examination, publication, final review, and lastly granting or denial. Each stage has specific steps that should be followed carefully to ensure a successful registration process. As soon as your trademark application is accepted, it becomes valid for 10 years starting from the date the certificate was conceded. It can be renewed for successive ten-year periods. Be aware that trademarks are territorial. This means they must be filed in each country separately where protection is required. To properly protect your assets, our firm recommends registering your trademark in each country where you or your competitors are currently doing business or intend to.

Benefits of Registering a Trademark in Colombia

Registering a trademark has numerous advantages. It protects your brand and prevents other companies from using a similar name, logo or design. Trademark assures consumers of consistent quality, thus promoting the effective competition. Here is the complete list of reasons why registering a trademark is crucial for every business owner:

  • Trademark makes it easier for consumers to find you;
  • It helps to prevent unfair competition and marketplace confusion;
  • Trademark is an efficient communication tool;
  • It allows businesses to utilize the Internet effectively;
  • Trademark is relatively inexpensive to protect;

Trademark is a profitable investment in customer goodwill, leading to higher sales and greater client satisfaction. Once you decide to register your trademark in Colombia, get in touch with our specialists. They will provide you with all the information needed for a successful trademark registration in your area.

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