Patent services in Mexico

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Patent services in Mexico

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Patent procedures have never been easier. A stronger US Dollar means a cheaper Mexican peso.  Our online prices reflect the devaluation of Mexican currency.

Our price includes both professional and legal fees for filing an application, publication and a digital certificate.

In order to get this price, you need to complete all the procedure online as per our instructions.

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Required information to file a New Patent in Mexico: 

1.  Name and address of the applicant

2. Name, address and citizenship of the Inventor(s)

3. Invention Title, Abstract of the Invention, Utility Model or Design 

4. Invention, Utility Model or Design Text Description

5. Claims 

6. Priority Claims

7. Set of formal drawings 

8. Translation of the foreign patent application to the local language

In order to file your new application please:

- Make your full payment online

- Complete the form with all the information related with your new Patent.

- Sign and send a digital copy of our Power of Attorney (PoA), once you have completed points 1 and 2 we will send you the document for the PoA ready to sign. 

Time frames: 

After we have all your information and file the Patent application it will take about 3 working days to file the new application.  

We will keep you informed about the procedure.  If everything runs smoothly depending you will have your patent granted from 2 to 5 years later.

More information: 

You can always keep track of your application in our self service portal at

For support please visit our help center where you will find more general information about patents 

These are the Stages of a Patent Application in Mexico: 

patent process in Mexico

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If you would like to know more about our services or have any question contact us directly on:

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