The new world wide database for trademarks from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) allows the user to upload an image in their digital platform in order to search for other trademarks with a similar appearance and relevant data to compare it to theirs.

Last year (2014), in Hong Kong, the annual business convention for the International Trademark Association (INTA), introduced a new application, which is unique compared to other databases, private or public that the Intellectual Property (IP) has to offer. The purpose of this new technology innovation is to let the user interact in a world wide database and have access to all the trademarks, where he will find all the logotypes, label brands and other similar images.

One more benefit of this breakthrough is that this digital platform is really easy to handle, and any person that has had a minimum interaction with computers could understand how to upload an image. Besides comparing the trademarks, the application also identifies the codes for the Vienna Classification (VCL), the names registered on the titles for the trademarks, the country where it is register and others services. The search system is fast and well-organized regardless that is has 13 million files registered and 4 million images, in 15 international and national collections.

This is a great technological breakthrough for the WIPO, as this organization has focused all its efforts to encourage innovation and creativity for the Intellectual Property Division. Since they are the primary help for 187 states that are members in this organization, the WIPO is in charge in promoting a balance in the international legal frame work to satisfy all the needs that the community has.

Colombia, Mexico and Argentina are some of the countries that have this service, their procedures are different but their objective is the same, to provide a better service to users.

In Mexico the IP authority (IMPI) have system that lets the user search for other trademarks with a similar appearance by uploading an image giving them an immediately. In Argentina the National Industrial Property (INPI) have a system that they can search for a trademark but only by identity and if they want to do a phonetic search they have to get it from the Division of Technologic and Information.

On the other hand there are two countries that do not have this system of trademark search for images online: Paraguay and Uruguay.

In Uruguay, users have to go to the National Division of Industrial property (DNPI) since they do not have any type of online search to find a similar trademarks. All the procedures that they need has to be done in the DNPI. In Paraguay there is a type of search that lets the applicants compare their images with other trademarks, but they can only do this procedure in the data base of the DINAPI, users have to go to this institution and use their system to find what they are searching for.

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