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Since 1999, our main focus is to help clients with the protection of their Patents and Trademarks portafolios in Latin America. Our goal is to make your IP procedures as simple as possible in order to manage 18 jurisdictions with a single contact point.



Do you need to file a new application, renew or modify your trademarks in different countries of Latin America? Working with our firm is simple and cost-effective. 


Filing, prosecuting, and paying annuities for PCT and National Patent Applications is our specialty allow us to handle your Latin America procedures. 


Copyright protections are not always available for industrial Designs. We can help you expedite your Latin American application process.  




A Clients Portal to control on real time the outcome of your cases

State of the Art cloud based internal platform to coordinate a team in 18 different countries


Dedicated client experience manager

Online Payments, Help Desk and Ticketing System

A contact office in the US


An experienced and professional network who carefully selected and evaluated lawyers in each country.




Trademarks and Patents Registration in Latin America

BR Latin America is considered to be one of the leading providers of intellectual property services. The company’s team is comprised of top-ranking specialists both in trademark search and patent application areas. Professional competence, high responsibility and customer-centric strategy are the principal aspects of our staff allowing BR Latin America stand out and have the upper hand.

Trademark Registration – Easier Than You Can Imagine

All businesses (small and large) have to deal with intellectual property issues from time to time. Trademarks and patents protection is a common practice for enterprises despite the geographic location. Taking into account a myriad of economic, social, political, environmental and IP rights-related factors, the private sector is of particular significance for us. Therefore, we offer you a versatile solution for patent search.

Due to the fact that there is no universal code of laws on the regulation of intellectual property issues in all Latin American countries, it may be challenging for some law firms to deal with several jurisdictions at once. But not for B&R.

We have already established a strong partnership with our colleagues throughout the whole region. As a result, legal support and flexibility are guaranteed for international companies as well as for domestic ones.

As a highly qualified patent and trademark agency BR Latin America provides our clients with the best trademark services including search, modifying and renewal of trademarks. You can easily find all the details and characteristic features of patent standards in Argentina, Nicaragua, Honduras, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Panama, and Bolivia at our website.

As for the registration procedure, it is conducted in several steps:

·      Receiving, analysis and confirmation of your instructions and other major points

·      In-depth study of registration probabilities

·      Filing of a relevant application

·      Granting of a trademark and corresponding documentation



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