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colombia FAQ

how to issue a power of attorney -poa- for a latin american country?

which are the patent application requirements in colombia?

which are the patent and trademark offices that offer online searches and online fillings for trademarks?

multiclass trademark registration

national patent in colombia

trademark registration requirements in colombia

in what countries is possible to claim a patent an use and a second use?

what is the time frame for a third party to file an opposition in a trademark application procedure?

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Trademark Management

Do you need to file a new application, renew or modify your trademarks in different Latin American countries? Dealing just with our firm is more cost-effective.

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Patent Management

Filing and prosecuting PCT and National Patent Applications in different jurisdictions is a huge work that clients don’t see. We can take care of it for you.

colombia IP Facts

IP office: SIC
Madrid Protocol Patent Cooperation Treaty-PCT
Hague Apostille Convention Trademark Law Treaty
Multiclass TM Application Free Trade Agreement with the US
New Patents filed: 1.753 (2009 WIPO) New Trademarks filed: 23.952 (2008 WIPO)
New Patent time line: aprox.3-4 years New Trademark timeline: aprox. 12 months.

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